A Comparison Of Recent Toyota Camry And Toyota Celica Engines

This author loves the Toyota Camry and Celica for completely different reasons, and has always had a fascination with the different vehicles a single engine design can go into.

Power to weight ratio is huge in determining whether or not a vehicle has takeoff or starts rolling like a slug on its way to the salt mines, and for a while, the Celica and the Camry both used the same engine. Well examine Toyota Camry and Toyota Celica engines in this article and briefly touch on their performance and some replacement options.

5SFE. The engine that powered Toyota for a decade. And for a while, it was the Toyota Celica engine and the Toyota Camry engine at the same time! While other Toyota Celica engines are more commonly thought of by mechanics as the engine powering Celicas (the 3SGTE, 1ZZFE and 2ZZGE come to mine), the 5SFE powered both Camrys and Celicas from 1992-1999 (through 2001 on the Camry).

Edmunds called the 5SFE engine lazy for a sports car, but the truth is that for the weight of the vehicles it went into, it was more than adequate. But lets face it, it was an engine designed primarily to go into a family sedan the Toyota Camry.

So, for the 2000 Model year, two new Toyota Celica engines were put into play: the 1ZZFE and the 2ZZGE engine. The 1ZZFE engine for the Celica was the old Corolla engine upgraded to include VVT variable valve timing. The 2ZZGE was all new as far as Toyota Celica engine go, and included a lot more get up and go. The 5SFE wasnt infallible for the Camry either in 2002, it was replaced with the 2AZFE, which was a 2.4L engine with more get up and go to match a frame that had more weight.

One of the most common questions I hear about these engines is whether one is better than the other (speaking of the 1ZZFE vs. the 2AZFE). The truth is that there havent been any published studies on failure rates for either engine, let alone a study comparing the two. As someone who has worked in the automotive industry for almost a decade, I can tell you that for the number of vehicles on the road, neither seems to have a high failure rate.

This reliability has had the effect of helping Toyotas retain value and become prime candidates for repowering when engines fail. If you find yourself in need of a new engine for your Camry or Celica, you might want to consider a used Toyota engine. There are plenty of JDM engine options available for the 5SFE, but for 1ZZFE, 2ZZGE, and 2ASFE, a used Toyota engine from a wrecked vehicle will be your best option.

You should start with yellowpages.com and do a search for used engine providers in your area. When you find some, check and recheck the companies, because there are both honorable companies and companies that will flat out rob you. Investigate the record of any company youre considering doing business with through the BBB to make sure they have a good track record and not a rap sheet a mile long.

How Ethanol Car Engines Work

Ethanol cars work in a way very similar to normal gasoline cars, and are a great viable alternative fuel option because of current high gas prices. The only real difference is that ethanol car engines are able to utilize the biofuel ethanol instead of oil based gasoline.

Ethanol fuel itself is extracted from plants such as corn or sugarcane, and refined into an alcohol. This alcohol is suitable to be used as a biofuel in cars and other vehicles. Most hybrid automobile engines that use ethanol can also use gasoline, and are also called flex-fuel engines. The ethanol is injected into the engine in the same way as a non-hybrid automobile engine. Though ethanol gives slightly less miles per gallon than gasoline, it doesn’t create as much air pollution when it is burned.

The similarities between ethanol flex-fuel engines and standard engines make ethanol cars cheaper than most alternative or hybrid vehicles, because they are built in much the same way as a regular engine. Ethanol is actually cheaper in some cases than gasoline, and thus a hybrid that runs on ethanol can be less expensive to operate than a gasoline based vehicle.

Most standard automobiles can even run on a 10% mixture of ethanol in gasoline. Many gas stations around the world offer ethanol as an alternative to gasoline, and in some countries cars are required to run on ethanol.

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Motorcycle Purchase and Finance Done Right

Are you considering purchasing a motorcycle? You are not sure about how you should do it and how you should prepare for the motorcycle loan application? Following is a brief explanation and tips on how to purchase your desired motorcycle and how to finance the purchase by means of motorcycle loans. If you want to obtain advantageous terms both on the loan and on the bike purchase follow this advice carefully and you will achieve what you want without hassles. Though there is no particular order in which a motorcycle purchase steps should be followed, always remember that shopping for a motorcycle with the loan pre-approval in hand will guarantee you better terms on your loan purchase.

Shopping Around For The Right Bike

Before starting your search for your dreamed motorcycle there are a couple of things you need to resolve first: You should always consider your monthly payment possibilities with your budget at hand, you should also know beforehand how much money you are willing to spend for the motorcycle purchase and for the financing of that purchase and with that information in mind, you should start shopping for your motorcycle loan first unless you have the money ready for the purchase. In any case, when you have the money or the loan pre-approval, the shopping should start calmly knowing that you will not close on the first deal you are presented. Do not rush in or look anxious, remember that you will at first only be gathering information regarding models, brands, prices, etc.

Once you have gathered enough information you need to find a balance. Do not get capricious and consider your options, seek the bike that matches not only your taste, but also your budget and your convenience. After you have selected your desired motorcycle, find the lowest price you were offered for that bike and taking that offer with you contact the other dealerships to ask them to improve that offer. As you can see, this is the reason why you need to have the money or the loan pre-approval ready before contacting dealers: When bargaining, if you have the money or financing available, the dealers will take you seriously and try to improve the offer to keep you as a client.

Shopping for The Loan

Getting the loan needs to be done first. At least you should try to obtain pre-approval in written so you can show it to the dealers and bargain for a better purchase price. Motorcycle loans are not that difficult to get. If you have a fair or good credit score, things will really be simple. But if your credit is not that good, there is no need to despair. Bad credit motorcycle loans are available widely and by shopping around a little you can obtain competitive rates for bad credit motorcycle loans too. In any case, whether you are seeking a regular motorcycle loan or a bad credit motorcycle loan, you should request many loan quotes and try to contact lenders informally to know what they charge for financing. Once you have several loan quotes to compare, you should pick the loan with the terms that best adjust to your budget and finances.

Automotive Repairs Tips For Troubleshooting Needed Auto Repairs

One of the basic cornerstones for receiving the appropriate automotive repairs is to troubleshoot the problem correctly. When a vehicle doesnt start, there can be a number of possibilities about what may be causing the actual problem. When you troubleshoot properly, it eliminates potential issues that aren’t the real auto repair problem and points you in the right direction. After all, there is no more frustrating waste of money or time than repairing or replacing an incorrect automotive part. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that can help you, inform you, and save you time, money, and frustration in getting the correct automotive repairs done as quickly as possible.

When troubleshooting for automotive repairs, starting out simply is the best approach. There are several very common problem areas in auto repairs. Some of them are, as follows: brake repair, no-start problems, suspension issues, rattles, ticks, grind, and crunches, warning lights, and transmission problems. One of the trickiest areas of automotive repairs to troubleshoot involves your electrical system. Your automotive repair shop can start out by examining your fuses and plug wires, or by checking out any starting problems.

While troubleshooting problems can sometimes seem to be daunting, as long as your auto repair center takes the right steps in the right order, youll find out what is really causing your vehicle to malfunction. Once youve analyzed the automotive repairs needed, you can begin moving in the right direction to take care of them. The specific process that the auto repair requires and the ways to get the problem fixed become clear and straightforward.”

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Maha Usa Manufacturer Of Innovative Automotive Lifts

Vehicle repair shops can be a lucrative business opportunity, especially in today’s difficult economic times, when new cars seem to be endlessly going up in price and older models need to be fine-tuned as often as possible in order to keep them in optimal condition. To undertake those auto repairs, mechanics need vehicle-lifting equipment to be able to assess the vehicle and decide what sort of repairs will be necessary.

When mechanics search for lifting equipment they can trust, they choose MAHA USA because they know that this leading manufacturer of automotive lifts has an impeccable record when it comes to safety testing. As an innovator within the mechanical engineering industry, MAHA USA has helped to create automotive vehicle lifts that exceed both client and industry expectations.

Based on an extensive background of forty years in the mechanical engineering industry, MAHA USA has developed a reputation for quality. Their subsidiaries and dealers across 130 countries worldwide provide customers with their expert brand of vehicle testing and maintenance equipment and play a key role as a contract partner in the development, planning and execution of country-specific test concepts.

Having the right size lifting equipment is imperative to having a well run vehicle repair shop. At MAHA USA, you will find an impressive collection of automatic lifts that suit your company’s individual needs. For example, you may wish to select from their exemplary collection of two post automotive lifts, which includes the HL Freedom 10,000. This outstanding piece of equipment offers the user 10,000lbs of lifting capacity and features an automatically engaging single lock release system on each column, for the pinnacle in safety and strength.

This exceptional manufacturing company also offers automotive lifts for heavy-duty vehicles such as large trucks. Among their extensive collection of innovative lifting equipment, they offer mobile column lifts that can lift vehicles weighing up to 144,000 pounds. These mobile column lifts are the perfect tool for any automotive or heavy-duty repair shop. In addition, due to MAHA USA’s dedication to safety, their mobile column lifts are not built simply to pass ALI certification standards, but to supersede those standards and guarantee unmitigated safety for repair shop usage. Clearly, MAHA USA is the best choice for automotive and heavy duty lifts that surpass every expectation.

Because of their unrelenting dedication to customer service, MAHA USA will work directly with you to discuss what sort of equipment will suit your facility. They can offer you suggestions in terms of size and structure, as well as discuss with you the technical details of the equipment so that you are given a complete picture when choosing from the company’s vast collection of superior automotive lifts and vehicle repair equipment.

MAHA USA equipment is ideal for a variety of automotive businesses. From auto repair to service centers and dealerships, MAHA USA has the right equipment for your facility. So why wait? Go to MAHA USA today and find out how they can help your business to speed past the competition.


With subsidiaries and dealers in over 130 countries, MAHA USA is one of the world’s leading providers of systems for vehicle testing and maintenance. For more information, please go to Maha-usa.