Increasing Automotive Performance

The automotive performance of a car is always related to the amount of fuel consumed by it. However, a cars performance can be increased in certain ways without negatively affecting the gas mileage of a car. Given below are few tips:

Performance chips: Computer chips that operate most new cars these days keep track of how much horsepower and torque can be displaced. Using performance chips or recalibrating the current chip used in a car can help in increasing the torque and horsepower to a great extent.

Cold air Intake: Power of a car engine can be increased if the temperature of the air that enters the car can be reduced. An under the hood modification in the form of cold air intake can help in this. Such an enhancement also beautifies the engine bay by making it colorful and attractive. Such a unit will also make an appealing sound.

Reusable air filters: Throughout the life of most of the cars, about 6 to 12 auto air filters are used without facing any problem, but when not in use most of them end up at the landfills for waste materials. Even though reusable air filters cost thrice as much as normal air filters, they are washable and last much longer than the regular ones. In fact, when you buy a reusable air filter for your car, it is actually the last one you will be ever buying for it. These air filters help you to increase acceleration and horsepower, besides having a very positive impact on the environment.

Performance exhaust systems: Another way to unleash horsepower, trapped up torque, and improve the overall automotive performance is by using “catalyst-back exhaust systems” (cat-back) for cars. Such a system installed in a car reduces exhaust back pressure by using low restriction performance mufflers and large width exhaust pipes while keeping all the important emission parts in their proper place. In addition to better performance, the exhaust system emits awesome sound.

To improve the automotive performance of your car, you may have to bear additional costs. While shopping online for the auto aftermarket products always opt for a trusted wholesaler. That way you will be able to acquire good quality automotive parts at very low prices. The auto aftermarket products/ services for increasing automotive performance of cars include accessories, replacement parts, appearance products, lubricants, various tools and equipments required for repair and service repairs. If you do the shopping yourself, you will be able to save a lot.

In 2007, the auto aftermarket had done better than in 2006, with a total sale of $285.5, which is a 4% increase from the previous year. In the light truck and car section alone the auto aftermarket experienced $211.4 billion sales while in case of heavy duty vehicles the aftermarket sales figure stood at $74.1 billion.

Custom Billet Upgrades Are The Baywatch Boob Jobs Of Automotive Style

The average man dreams of the day when he can tell his special lady to get a boob job and follow it up with an at home install simply by going online, ordering breast implants, and waiting a couple of weeks for delivery before busting out his tools, slicing her open, and doing a home install, but until that day your going to have to make do with treating your car like that pretty darling you wish you could take to bed tonight minus a couple ton of course. With Custom Billet Upgrades you can swap your factory built door handles, dome lights, window cranks, steering column trim, and other parts for shiny chrome and aluminum replacements that can make any descent vehicle start turning heads like Pamela Anderson running down the beach in a Baywatch swimsuit chased by a hairy man from Kazakhstan. You could buy the best car off the lot, but without Custom Billet Parts your car will be like Paris Hilton in her Bently. Flat chested and the butt of cruel jokes by people like Sarah Silverman who once said “People say ‘Pamela Anderson’s nothing without her tits!’ And that’s not true! That is ‘not’ true!… She’d be Paris Hilton” while riding in a car that high end Billet parts and accessories would transform into a thing of exterior beauty as if the driver herself got a boob job or swapped cars with Pamela Anderson. Your exterior door handles, license plates, and windshield wiper arms will look very nice, but wont need any future replacement implants or face lifts.You may be thinking so what if my ride has no special assets, it looks just fine after a few beers and a bong hit. Maybe exterior beauty doesn’t matter to you, but what about your inner beauty? Brake fluid reservoirs need love too just like window cranks and dome lights. You won’t impress a special lady with a binged out exterior and used car lot soiled cushion bling free interior. With a good foundation vehicle, Billet interior, and Billet exterior it won’t be long until the Billet Specialists at turn your hairy Kazakh beast of a ride into a babe magnet with rock star sex appeal to make your dreams come true.

Winkler Automotive Wins Prestigious Customer Service Award

George Winkler’s goal of providing the area with the most complete and trusted independent automotive repair shop when he opened the doors to Winkler Automotive in 1982 was validated once again with the recent awarding of the “Excellence In Customer Service Award” from the Washington, Maryland, Delaware Service Station and Automotive Repair Association (WMDA).

The prestigious honor, from the region’s primary trade association for the industry, was bestowed upon Winkler and his staff at the organization’s recent Annual Convention & Mega Show in Ocean City, Md.

“This is the biggest honor we have received since we opened 30 years ago, and we couldn’t be more thrilled and proud with the recognition,” said Winkler. “We know the type of customer service we provide, and this is our No. 1 mission, but to be recognized for it is very special, and a tribute to our magnificent staff.”

The honor even attracted interest from Maryland state comptroller Peter Franchot, who personally wrote Winkler a note of congratulations, which read in part “you must be pleased that your work and professionalism have been recognized with this prestigious award.”

Franchot went on to add “you are making a significant contribution to our great state of Maryland and I thank you. As Maryland’s chief regulator of motor fuel and tax collector, I understand the countless contributions that your industry provides to our state and its families.”

Winkler Automotive, located in Gaithersburg at 401 East Diamond Avenue, is AAA approved, and all its technicians exceed rigorous standards to be ASE certified. And Winkler Automotive performs maintenance and repair service on all makes and models, including European, American and Japanese cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and minivans, along with extended warranty work on all.

The Washington, Maryland, Delaware Service Station and Automotive Repair Association, (WMDA) was established in 1937 as a trade association serving independent business men and woman of service stations, repair facilities, convenience stores, and other related businesses. WMDA provides automotive and management educational training programs throughout the year for owners, managers and technicians with the primary objective of innovating and educating.

The WMDA award now hangs proudly in the waiting room of Winkler Automotive, and also serves as a reminder to the Winkler staff of its commitment to customer service.

“I always stress to my staff to put themselves in our customer’s shoes,” noted Winkler. “People trust us, and when it comes to having your car serviced, that’s most important.”

About Winkler Automotive
Winkler Automotive of Gaithersburg is an AAA approved and ASE certified auto repair shop now celebrating its 30th year. Since 1982, Winkler Automotive has been committed to providing the best, most honest and most reliable car care service in the area, offering customers complete satisfaction and one-stop shopping, as well as an alternative to expensive dealerships. Winkler Automotive performs maintenance and repair service on all makes and models, including European, American and Japanese cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and minivans, while extended warranty work is also accepted. For more information and web specials, visit, or call (301) 258-2774 and ask for owner George Winkler.

How to Avoid Automotive Repair Fraud

Too many automotive centers are taking advantage of the consumer’s lack of knowledge about their vehicles when it comes time for repairs. While there are many trustworthy shops that do honorable and reliable work, there are always places that are quick to take the consumer’s money while not making the necessary repairs.

The government, the press, Better Business Bureaus and other consumer rights advocates are working hard to intervene, and while some shops are getting caught and being indicted with fraud, too many are still under the radar and getting away with it.

Here are some tips on how to become better educated about your vehicle so that when repair work is needed, you will have a better understanding of what is actually being done.

Talk to Everyone

The most important thing of course is to find a reputable place thats been in business for several years. The best way to find this kind of information is to ask your family and friends where they have their vehicles maintained. Ask your coworkers and anyone whose opinion you value. Why do they like the shop they frequent, what their fees are, and how long they have been using that particular place? This is where doing a little research will save you a ton of headaches and a lot of money.

When its time to take your vehicle to the shop, be very specific in what you are there for. For example, if you are replacing tires, let them know you are there just for tire work. If the service adviser tells you that you need additional work done, question why it’s needed. If you feel the mechanic is trying to up sell you unnecessary repair work, this should raise a red flag. You have every right to request a quote for their suggested repairs and get a second opinion.

Don’t be Shy

There are times when a service adviser may tell you that you need new brakes or that you have a leak, both of which can be relatively easily spotted when the vehicle is in the air and the wheels are off the vehicle. This is generally the time these types of potential problems are found. Ask the adviser for measurements of components that are worn, such as the brakes, and ask if you can take a look for yourself. If you feel they are not being forthcoming with the information you need in order to make a decision, or they will not allow you to view the problem, do not approve the repair. Most reputable shops have no problem with these kinds of requests.

If you need major repairs, such as engine replacement or transmission repairs, always get a second opinion from another reputable shop. If you have built up a good relationship with your existing shop, this may not be necessary. But if this is the first time you have brought your vehicle to a new shop it’s important to get that second opinion.

If it’s not practical to move your vehicle, take the time to get “ballpark” estimates by telephone. Reputable shops understand the need for their customers to get additional quotes. Its in their best interest to accommodate you in any way they can in order to get and keep your business.

Be Prepared

Be a knowledgeable consumer. Read your owners manual and be prepared for the regular wear and replacement work that will arise every few thousand miles. Keep your vehicle on its proper maintenance schedule and when larger problems arise, you are not hit unawares with a huge expense.

It costs money to own a vehicle and keep it in good repair, and it can cost more than you bargained for if you are not careful. Don’t be afraid to ask for input from others and gather as much information along the way as you can. Being prepared, you stand a much better chance of avoiding automotive repair fraud.

Buying A Used Motorcycle

Lemon Laws also apply to motorcycles. Why? Because whether you’ve ever considered this or not, motorcycles can be lemons, too. When buying a used motorcycle there are a few checks that should be made when looking over the bike, and before handing the seller your hard-earned cash. Has the bike been wrecked, well maintained, broken in properly, ridden hard, or sat for years and years without service? Many of these questions need to be addressed when buying a used bike, and there are still many things that can be checked to help avoid buying someone elses problem. You can easily inspect a motorcycle yourself, or consider contacting a pre-purchase used car [motor vehicle] inspector.

Visual Inspection of the Motorcycle
When doing a visual inspection and before taking a test ride, you should have a check list of what to inspect on the motorcycle. Then take the list, and go down each item marking it as it passes or fails that portion of the inspection. Also, ask the owners how often he/she rides it and what type of weather conditions. If a bike sits for long periods of time, parts arent getting lubed, tires could go flat and get cracked, and the battery is draining (unless being kept on a battery tender).

Items to check on a motorcycle:

* Check the chain and sprocket
* Check turn signals, headlight, brake lights, etc work?
* Look inside the fuel tank (might need flashlight) for rust or other particles.
* Check for rust anywhere on the bike
* Check the frame for cracks and repairs and to make sure the frame is straight
* Check the brakes
* Check the forks
* Look at tires for cracked or warn tread and inspect the manufacture date

When walking around and inspecting a motorcycle, its imperative to take the time to go through the motorcycle entirely. Don’t be affraid to get dirty. Due to the size and easy access, just about everything on a motorcycle can be inspected with nothing more than a flashlight and possible a few tools to remove the seat or side covers.

Taking a test ride
Start up the bike and inspect the exhaust for excessive noise. And if a dual pipe motorcycle, verify the pressure coming out of each exhaust pipe is the same. Check the cooling and fuel systems for leaks. How does it start, stop, and shift. Shift it both up and down through all gears while riding. When applying the brakes is there the right amount of play and stopping distance? And most importantly how does it feel

It can be hard sometimes to take a used motorcycle for a good test ride, many owners might not be comfortable letting someone ride off on their bike. But, as a buyer it is always a good idea to get a feel for how well it runs, even if its not possible to get it up to faster speeds.

Getting the Motorcycle Inspected by a Mechanic!
Its always a good idea when buying a used motor vehicle/motorcycle, to get it checked out by a mechanic. The cost of having an inspection done outweighs the potential cost of repairs. On a motorcycle though, the cost of the inspection might not outweigh the cost of possible repairs. If looking at a expensive bike, or not sure what to inspect on the motorcycle, its a good idea to take it to a mechanical inspector. With a good checklist, and some research and knowledge before looking at the motorcycle, the cost and hassle of having the motorcycle inspected might not be worth it.