Houseboat Cruise – A Lifetime Experience

Located in the Southern part of the country is the state Kerala, snuggled between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. The eye catching hill stations, cool temperature, silver sandy beaches, culture and traditions have given a unique appeal and image to the state, but there is lot more which makes it truly appealing for visitors and holiday makers. The state Kerala is much more popular for its houseboats and backwaters, which together make the world so different that everyone who visit Kerala, love to get close to that heavenly bliss.

Houseboats of south india are traditional boats also known locally as Kettuvallam and are used for tourism purpose to provide a journey to the visitors and tourists over the breathtaking backwaters. While you are near the backwaters, you will often see the gradual movements of these houseboats making way though the cerulean backwater dotted with swaying palm and coconut trees. It is a wonderful experience to enjoy the houseboat in Kerala and get the best of the tour to treasure thousands remarkable memories.

Specialties of Houseboats

Kerala houseboats are special in many ways. It is the only medium through which visitors in the state can enjoy the beauty of the backwaters and the scenic landscapes which are unapproachable. The houseboats are also well organized and accustomed to provide all the required facilities and services to make the cruise luxurious and memorable for the onboard tourists. The rooms of the houseboats are clubbed with all modern facilities like rooms attach with bath room, ac, television, sitting room, spacious sun deck and many other facilities. Food offered on houseboat are hygienic and are prepared by an experience chef using natural and fresh vegetable, fresh non-vegetarian items, clean drinking water and quality edible oil. Almost all the houseboat operator give high importance to the cleanliness and maintain the healthy hygiene to ensure that onboard visitors feel the beauty of the cruise as well as luxury of the houseboats.

Places for Houseboat Tours

Keralam Kettuvallams are the best means to explore the unending and cerulean backwaters of Kerala. Some of the renowned backwater regions where one can enjoy houseboat tours in a beautiful and exciting ways are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Munreo Island, Kuttanad, Kasargod and Kollam. These are the most popular and preferred backwater regions in the state, where tourists from across the world come and go for houseboat tours leaving back the maddening crowds.

If you are planning for a vacation in this beautiful state Kerala, dont miss to include a houseboat journey on few of these renowned backwater destinations, which makes the lifeline of Kerala backwater tourism.

Need Auto Repair Where Do You Go For Automotive Repair

When you are asked where you go for your vehicles auto repair, what words come to mind to describe your auto shop? How about, qualified, trustworthy, friendly, and certified? Our trained mechanics are qualified to perform all types of automotive repair on any make or model of vehicle, domestic or foreign. If you dont want to spend your valuable time going from one auto service center to another just to have all the different maintenance and repair issues taken care of, then check out the automotive services offered at Garys Quality auto shop.

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Headed For Transmission Repair Read The Signs!

Transmissions are complex machines buried deep in the chassis of our vehicles. Regular transmission service will help post-pone or eliminate some problems, but when a transmission begins to malfunction, there are specific signs that the average vehicle owner can recognize.

Know the three common signs of transmission problems:

*Fluid leaks under the car — If there is a persistent red leak under your vehicle, is it coming from the transmission or from the power steering system? It is difficult to determine, as most power steering systems also use transmission fluid. Thus, leaks can appear on the ground in roughly the same areas as transmission leaks. If the leak is fairly small, you may be able to postpone a transmission repair as long as the fluid level is checked regularly. However, when the fluid level falls below the minimum required level, a transmission repair is inevitable.
*Color and odor of fluid Check the fluid level when the vehicle is running and on level ground. The fluid should be red and transparent. If it is cloudy or muddy looking, or if it smells burnt, take your vehicle to a transmission repair technician. They may recommend a transmission service to drain and refill the fluid, as well as replace the filter. Some transmissions may require a computer program updating.
*Noises, vibrations and irregular shifting — Modern transmissions typically shift smoothly and quietly under light acceleration. Heavier acceleration should produce firmer shifts at higher speeds. If shifting points are erratic, if there are strange noises when shifting, or whining noises that come from underneath the car, are causes for concern.

Note: Look and Listen to your transmission. If problems are taken care of early, they can often be resolved without a costly major transmission repair.

** Did You Know? — With gas prices down to less than $2.00 a gallon around the country, a growing number of motorists have been flocking back to showrooms for pickups, SUVs and muscle cars. Yet, despite that sudden surge, the days of the classic V-8 and V-6 may be coming to an end. A new study suggests that less than half of the vehicles that will be sold around the world by 2017 will be powered by conventional gasoline engines. Alternative fuels (such as diesel, ethanol, and hydrogen), hybrid-electrified vehicles and more advanced internal combustion systems will make up the majority of the global mix, according to a new report from Navigant Research. Hybrids, plug-ins and pure battery-electric vehicles still account for less than 5% of the U.S. market, but demand is expected to grow exponentially. That said, a summary of the new Navigant report notes that, “gasoline is anticipated to remain the leading fuel in the coming years, albeit in unconventional vehicles that employ a range of fuel-efficiency technologies, such as smaller engines and turbo-charging.” A growing number of vehicle manufacturers will opt for either alternative fuels or advanced technologies designed to squeeze far more mileage out of every drop of gas.**

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The Basic Function And Classification Of The Auto Diagnostic Tools

The inspection to the automotive fault is largely depend on the auto diagnostic tools such as the x431 diagun and GM MDI which have function of read the car trouble codes, clear trouble code and data stream, component testing, maintenance light reset, read the computer version, basic settings and matching adjustment. Some automotive fault diagnostic computer such as the gm tech2 and autocom cdp could also provide value-added services such as the long-distance diagnosis for car fault, vehicle maintenance data, fault code table, management of customer files, business functions and so on. From these descriptions, we could find that the manufacture for the auto diagnostic tools such as the GO2OBD which is a brand for reliable auto maintenance devices in China for 5 years has paid more attention to the function varieties of the auto diagnostic tools such as the autel maxiscan and tacho pro.

The knowledge from the website would teach us that there are two main types of automotive fault diagnostic computer and automobile link mode which are wired and wireless. The Wired type is that the people connect the diagnostic computer and automotive diagnostic seat by the diagnostic connector and link lines. The wireless type has eliminating the need for the middle of the link line. The wireless transmitter device connected to the diagnostic socket location and the diagnostic computer connect to receive the device. As we all know, the usual wireless device is the Bluetooth device.

According to the manufacturer’s configuration and measurement models, the automotive fault diagnostic computer such as the carprog and bmw icom could be divided into three types which are dedicated, comprehensive and original instrument. The dedicated automotive fault diagnostic computer only work for the set model. The original diagnostic computer can only operate for their own models from the automobile factory. The majority of the repairers in the repairing market use the integrated automotive fault diagnostic computer such as the GO2OBD and x431. And this kind of testing equipment is generally produced by the professional fault diagnosis computer enterprise.

In order to pass the Automotive Diagnosis seat to have communication with car ECU host computer, automotive fault diagnostic computer such as the and x431 diagun must follow the relevant standards and protocols such as OBD. From the information of the website of GO2OBD, we could know more about that the OBD is the most traditional and efficiency standard and system for the auto diagnostic tools such as the GO2OBD and x431 diagun. Most of the auto diagnostic tools in our market today are all based on the OBD system and standard.

The Middle East Car Community

People in the Middle East are mad about their cars ask anyone how the Middle East stacks up when it comes to customizing their motors and they will tell you that cars in the Middle East are there to be pimped! There are a number of custom car communities in the Middle East available to petrol heads wishing to share their passion with others when it comes to customizing their motors. One of the most popular Middle East online car communities is Barbican Turbo with around 400 members it is the regions number one motorsports and custom car social community and supports the Barbican custom car festival talking place in the UAE in the Abu Dhabi exhibition centre. At the show you will find a large number of motor sports mad consumers crawling around hundreds of custom car exhibits and exhibition showcases from all over the world.

If you want to talk about your car in an ideal forum with fellow petrol heads from all over the Middle East then you can join the online motors community, the Middle Easts custom car community is free to join and discuss customizing your car.

Automotive enthusiasts can come together to meet new people with similar interests online and the culmination of the online community activity is the regions number one custom car festival based in Abu Dhabi. On the online community you can:

Create your own profile page

Browse through other members’ profile pages

Show off your automobiles in your own gallery

Browse through other members’ galleries

Write your own automotive related blogs

Read other members’ automotive related blogs

Chat, make friends, talk shop, or find help in our community forum

Create or join Clubs to enjoy a club atmosphere with similiar minded or geographically close members (equipped with its own gallery and forum)

So you want to customize cars… Did you know, Jay Leno, the popular Tonight Show host is a custom car enthusiast? He’s got some real super custom hotrods but its nothing when compared with some of the Middle Eastern collectors that are car crazy! The custom car business in the Middle East is booming and with more and more collectors customizing some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world the Barbican Turbo festival is the absolute number one forum where community members can meet online and offline to discuss and share experiences about customizing motors.

Of course customizing cars is a huge business as well as hobby, with a multitude of sub-groups, from urban customizers to street rods, V8 muscle cars to classic roadsters. Customizing can be as simple as adding a new set of wheels to building your own custom vehicle from scratch – the possibilities are almost endless, limited only by your budget and imagination. On the community you will find useful information about customizing cars, articles and tips on designing and building your own custom motor you can register and use the community for free.

So if you want to learn more about customizing your motor in the Middle East then simply search in Google or Yahoo for the regions leading custom car community and get help and advice from other enthusiasts.