Windshield Replacement – The Difference Between Dot Certified (oem Glass) And Aftermarket Glass

Consumers looking for a high-quality windshield replacement should understand the major differences between the various types of auto glass available to them. Common options include original equipment manufacturer (OEM) distributor glass, dealer glass, and aftermarket glass. Which is the best for your windshield replacement?

If you purchase a replacement from a manufacturer-authorized dealer, you will get the same brand as your original windshield. But if you purchase your window from an auto glass shop, you will get it from a reliable OEM distributor who manufactures windows to the same exact specifications. These windows are the same shape, size, thickness, durability and color as original specifications. They are practically identical to the dealer versions and are also DOT-certified, meaning they are approved by the Department of Transportation.

Since this windshield was not manufactured by the original company, it is not exactly the same as what the dealer had on the car when it was manufactured, but it is comparable. The similarity is enough that if you were to return a leased automobile with an OEM replacement, the dealer would accept it.

Glass that you buy from a manufacturer-authorized car dealership is sourced from the exact same distributor that originally created your window. In this case, it will oftentimes have the car’s make stamped directly on it. If you absolutely must have the brand logo on your replacement window, you will have to go to a dealer to get it.

It is very common for automobile companies to change the supplier that they purchase their windshields from. It is a highly competitive business, so as contracts expire, the work may go out to bid. The bidding process is very competitive since these contracts are lucrative. This can result in a different company producing windshields from year to year for the same auto manufacturer.

Aftermarket glass is manufactured by businesses that don’t contract with any automobile manufacturers in particular. Because of copyright and licensing laws, these businesses are not allowed to produce windows for vehicles to the same specifications as OEM distributors. While aftermarket windshields are considerably less expensive than dealer or OEM products, having them installed can sometimes cause issues for the car owner, as some aftermarket products do not meet manufacturer and/or dealer requirements.

In addition, aftermarket glass is typically a different thickness than its counterparts. The vast majority of dealers will not allow you to bring back a leased automobile that has undergone aftermarket windshield replacement because the quality varies so much from the initial design; they don’t go through the same processes or meet the same requirements that OEM products do.

Of course, not all windshield damage requires a full replacement; any reputable automotive repair shop that handles glass repair or replacement can tell you if chips or cracks can be repaired. If a replacement is needed, consumers have a variety of windshield companies available to them, each offering services ranging from mobile installations to repair. In order to avoid leaks, outside noise or other potential problems that come with aftermarket products, be sure your window is being replaced only with OEM- or dealer-quality glass.

Tools Used To Conduct Automotive Marketing Research

Marketing research is conducted by almost very automotive industry to understand market trends and potential customers. A major purpose of marketing research is to find answers for questions and thus to acquire new or updated knowledge. Today’s automotive manufacturing firms conduct comprehensive marketing research to enhance management decision-making by using relevant, accurate and timely information. Automotive marketing research has thus become a crucial part in management decision making.
Automotive marketing research has been conducted to:

Identify customers

Understand needs and requirements of customers

Find out how and where the customers want the products or service

Discover at what price customers will purchase products

Finding answers for these questions helps automotive manufacturing firms to formulate appropriate product development strategies. Information gathered from marketing research need to be analyzed and used while designing and manufacturing new products or before making any modification to existing product line.
Lack of time and strict time schedule always restrict manufacturing firm to conduct automotive marketing research before launching a new product. Mostly, manufacturers develop products without understanding the actual needs of customers; this might result in the fail of products in markets and thus impart huge loss to manufacturing firm. However, service of marketing research companies can be effectively utilized to carry out marketing research. These companies conduct marketing research and find answers for research problems on behalf of their clients.
Marketing research companies collect data from potential customers by conducting or participating in:
Car clinics – Car clinics are the most effective automotive marketing research tool used by marketing researchcompanies to collect data. These companies conduct car clinics in various parts of countries to collect useful information from large numbers of show attendees.
Drive studies – Marketing research companies design and execute open course drive studies and closed course drive studies to collect feedback related to comfort, ride and handling, and powertrain issues. These kinds of feedback are highly valuable for new product development.
Auto show research – Automobile event research is one of the cost effective tools used to collect information on display evaluations, new product designs, feedback on concept vehicles and new technologies etc.
Online research – marketing research companies conduct different kinds of online surveys to collect information related to topics like new product development, pricing research, styling studies, customer satisfaction and so on. They mail a well designed questionnaire to potential customers and thus seek answers to various research questions. Online research is one of the cost effective and efficient automotive marketing research tool used to collect feedback from large number of customers instantly.
Along with the above tools, marketing research companies also collect information over phone. All these automotive marketing tools have high relevance in obtaining accurate and updated customer feedback. Moreover, information thus collected provides a complete knowledge on the likes and desires of potential customers. This knowledge helps a manufacturing firm to design and develop new products by incorporating new features. Launching products with required features helps manufacturing firm to achieve competitive advantage and also to improve sale.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car

It is time to replace your current vehicle and many prospective car buyers are faced with one hard, controversial decision: Do you buy a new or used vehicle? There are many good reasons to buy a used car, such as having a greater selection of vehicles in your price range, but probably the biggest draw for used-car buyers is affordability. Buying a used car could get you the most vehicle for your money by far, but has a little more risk involved.


There is no doubt that buying a used car compared to buying a new car is going to be less expensive. New car owners often take a significant knock as brand new cars can lose a lot its value in the first year alone! Second hand buyers has the added advantage of being able to step up to a better model within the same price range.


It is really true that once you drive a new car off the showroom floor, its value will drop instantly. Cars depreciate steadily over time, but the steepest decline usually happens within the first two years of ownership. In rare instances, some models can even lose 40 percent or more of their value in the first year. With a used car, there is still depreciation, just a lot less rapidly. Improved reliability with certified pre-owned programs

Even though used vehicles usually don’t carry the same factory warranties as new cars, the original maintenance plan on a new car is often transferable to a second owner, even when buying from a private seller. If you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from an authorized dealer you can also opt to purchase an extended warranty for the vehicle.


Insurance rates are significantly affected by the age of a car. A used vehicle will in most cases be less expensive to insure than its newer counterpart.

Wider Selection

You would be able to buy a better equipped or more powerful version of the vehicle model you want, or you might be able to choose from a wider selection of car brands and models by opting for a used model, for the same price as a new car. Also, your selection of cars, and options further increase because you can buy used cars privately as well as from second hand dealers.

No Long order periods

Brand new cars have to be ordered from the factory in the country of manufacture, and you may have to wait for weeks or even months for your car to be delivered. Some luxury brands have up to a 12 month waiting period.

Individual’s needs differs widely and, the decision to buy new or used all comes down to what you can afford, are you willing to take on a little risk, or do you need complete peace of mind.

Automotive Translation Services

Automobile manufacturers sell their products and its accessories globally. Presales and post sales teams carry information to their customers. These information is commonly available only in one language. When the manufacturer decides to sell his car globally they have to translate the information using a professional translation company or otherwise using a translation service provider in the local language. For e.g in India if a car manufacture decides to sell his car, then he needs to translate pre sale information and post sale information in to 14 languages. Information translated into local language helps buyers to decide and know more about the car better. So translation services help car manufacturers to sell cars in any international market comfortably.

In a given scenario, company do user guide translation, manual translation, accessory manual translation, assembly document translation, OEM manual translation, electrical wiring diagram translation, etc.

Car companies from Germany will typically use translation service providers to translate documents and manuals from German to English translation , German technical translation is a very specialized translation services area.

Using a translator to do automobile translation?
Typically translation companies or translation service providers use native speakers to do automobile translation. In addition to it some companies use domain experts to perform translation services. People with automobile background or working in automobile related industry with translation experience will be asked to perform translation services. This ensure accurate translation. Such professional translation services are required when an automobile is launched in another country speaking different language. Language services are vital for each and every company into the automobile business.

An automobile manufacturer can do the following before selecting a translation company? Or a translation agency?
What type of formatting do the translation service offer? Is it words, excel, PDF? Does it meet your criteria?
In translation, accuracy is everything. Loss of it can result in embarrassment and loss of professional reputation. So, before signing contract with particular translation service you need to go through its previous work
You should inquire whether particular translation service has qualified team off professional translators or not? The translator also needs to be familiar with the grammar rules in languages, the idioms, and their writing conventions.
No matter which translation service company you are considering to hire, their proofing and editing policies should a factor into your decision.
What measures do the translation service opt to keep your documents confidential? Will translation service is ready to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), if necessary?
Do they use native translators to do your translation?
Do they use domain experts to perform your translation? Say for e.g an automobile translation requires a automotive professional. Medical translation requires medical professionals?
Are they an ISO 9001 certified translation Agency? Or an EN 15038 certified Translation Company?
If the above check list is performed before selecting a translation company, the auto manufacturer will continue to get professional translation services.

Musings On Automotive Transmission Maintenance And Repair In Tampa

Automotive transmission is one of the most expensive of the various car repair procedures a vehicle will be needing in its service life. Any auto service mechanic can tell you this. Its cost is not even close to what you may have spent on your auto AC repair. If you think that engine repair and brakes repair are so much more expensive than auto AC repair, just wait till you learn how much you will have to shell out for automotive transmission repair.

Early and frequent automotive transmission repair is something that any vehicle owner will want to avoid. This can be done by complying with all the required automotive transmission maintenance procedures. You can ask for assistance on proper compliance with all these automotive transmission maintenance procedures and tune ups from a trusted professional auto service shop. Doing this, however, does not mean that you can totally avoid car repair henceforth. The need for repair will still occur, but not as often. The auto service shop and its mechanic you choose should, therefore, be capable of helping you not only through automotive transmission maintenance and diagnostics but also for any necessary repair in Tampa.

A vehicle owner should also learn how to make transmission diagnostic tests regularly. One such test is the visual inspection for leaks. The ground or garage floor beneath the vehicle should always be checked for the presence of puddles or wet spots. Colored liquid can be a sign of danger. Dark or reddish liquid could mean dangerous leakage of the automotive transmission fluid. This could lead to failure of the transmission system and should immediately prompt the vehicle owner to bring the vehicle to the auto service shop in Tampa.

The vehicle owner should also check on the state of the transmission fluid. This is done with the use of the vehicles dipstick. The dipstick should first be wiped clean on a cloth rag, though. It is then dipped into the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid that adheres to the dipstick should then be allowed to drip on clean white paper. The ideal result is clear red fluid free of sediments. A dark color or the presence of metal fillings or flakes as well as a burnt smell means the fluid has oxidized. This means the transmission system should be checked at an auto service shop in Tampa.

Using the wrong type of transmission fluid is another cause for damage of the transmission system. Automatic and manual transmission systems each have their own special automotive transmission fluids that can not be used interchangeably. When doing transmission fluid change for the vehicle, the vehicle owner should make sure that the proper automotive transmission fluid is being used. This will be taken care of by a reputable auto service shop in Tampa.

The responsibility of the vehicle owner extends to observing the vehicles performance while driving. If the transmission gears lag in response and exhibit any noises, vibrations and jerks, the transmission system may already be worn down. It is time to have the vehicle checked at an auto service shop in Tampa.

The vehicle owner should always drive the vehicle properly in order to care for the automotive transmission system. Overheating should always be avoided because it results in burnt transmission fluid that creates oxidation deposits blocking the transmission system, warped metal parts, hardened rubber gaskets and seals, and leakage of transmission fluid. In effect, overheating threatens the entire transmission system. Overloading the vehicle and stop and go driving in hot Tampa weather should be avoided because they cause overheating.

A vehicle owner should always be aware of proper automotive transmission maintenance to lessen the need for towing services from tow trucks and car repair in Tampa.