Nanotechnology For Automotive Lubricant Systems.

How and why tungsten nanospheres work:
To start, nano particles (spheres) are hard to imagine. So small, that they can interact with engine lubricant and other matter on a molecular level.
This interaction allows them to become one with both the metal surfaces and the lubricant they are exposed to, enhancing engine efficiency, power and gas mileage.

The tungsten component is chemically inert, stable and unaffected by temperatures encountered in application as a lubricant. Tungsten nanospheres will not alter the carrier, exposure to them alters the way the metal of the friction surfaces interact with the lubricant .

Once the metals are exposed to the tungsten component in the carrier fluid, metal to metal friction is dramatically reduced, if not eliminated.
This increases engine efficiency and gas mileage.
The end result is a dramatic reduction in wear, the friction that causes wear, heat, and power losses. This will also increase gas mileage.

Primitive man discovered that rubbing dead animal fat on things made them work better. Ever since, man has quested for better means of lubricating the things he (or she) has created.
Lubrication has progressed from animal and vegetable based oils and greases, to highly refined mineral bases, silicone and synthetics. Graphite and Molybdenum have been used as additives in varying degrees in the past.
Tungsten nanospheres are an exciting development in lubrication for the 21st century.

Benefits:Lower friction, improved lubricity, lower energy costs.
Measurably better gas mileage , reduce wear, increase engine efficiency and
increased horsepower. Lower operating temperatures (as less energy is converted into heat). Increase in Oil / lubricant life and longer changeovers.
High Load bearing property means Reduction in wear of mating parts.
Offers increased corrosion resistance. Nanoparticles cannot clog oil or fuel filters as .5 micron particles easily pass through filter.

Characteristics :Nanoparticles are defined as any particle with a size less then 100 nanometer (0.1 micronmeter). When materials are made into nanoparticles, their reactivity increases. Nanoparticles have a very high surface area to volume ratio, due to this, a higher percentage of atoms (in nanoparticles) can interact with other matter. Therefore, the surface area (measured in square meters per gram) is the most important unit of measure for nanoparticles.The higher the surface area,the higher the lubricity.

Tungsten nanoparticles as applied to engine lubrication:Tungsten nanoparticles are one of the most expensive and highly developed lubricant additives available today.
Nanotechnology, as applied to lubricant additives, suspends the tungsten spheres in the circulating lubricant. This allows the tungsten component to be applied to all metal bearing surfaces, as well as cylinder walls, pistons and piston rings. An important characteristic of nanoparticles, is that they bond to the metal friction surfaces. Essentially plating them, preventing metal to metal contact. Tungsten is one of the most wear resistant substances known to man. Tungsten nanoparticles are temperature resistant far beyond what is encountered in any automotive application.

Brake Repair Dont Let It Break The Bank!

As an experienced driver, you know that your vehicle’s brakes are an essential safety system. With complex hydraulic mechanisms and parts that need replacing on a regular basis, it’s tempting to put off brake service as long as possible to save a few pennies. Failing to keep up with routine brake repair and maintenance will be more costly in the long-run. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to reduce the cost of this necessity.
Check out these great ways to save money on your vehicle’s braking system.
Brake Service: Keep Up With Maintenance

Take care of routine brake service issues on schedule. Otherwise, it can cause damage to expensive parts. For example, if you overlook replacing your vehicle’s brake fluid for a long time, you could cause damage to the lines, calipers and the proportioning valve. Replacing all of those parts could be quite expensive, whereas bleeding your braking system would cost very little relatively. Check with your local auto technician for a quote.
Brake Repair: Use Quality Parts

It may be tempting to go for the cheapest parts possible in a brake repair, but mediocre replacement parts fail quicker than their name-brand counterparts. Imported rotors may cost very little, whereas a quality OEM rotor may be double that, but if you have to replace the cheaper rotor three times as often, you’ve lost any money you gained in the first place. Do yourself a favor and pick up OEM or mechanic-recommended equipment. Again, ask for a quote from your brake repair technician.
Change Your Driving Habits!

The most significant thing you can do to save money on brake repair costs is to change how you drive. Slowing down earlier, not coming to abrupt stops and not riding the brakes will go a long way toward making your car’s equipment last longer than it otherwise would.

Need a professional brake repair? Contact our ASE Certified Technicians at Clausen Automotive by calling (608) 221-8321 or go on-line at for more information about our brake service. Since 1975, our family-owned auto shop has proudly served vehicle owners in Madison, WI, and the surrounding communities.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Body Kits Add Value To Your Vehicle Easily

Mitsubishi Eclipse body kits are best bought from the well-known sellers only since they are backed by numerous years of valuable experience. For many good reasons, they are your number one choice for a diverse range of car accessories and body kits.

You can easily augment the look and feel of your Mitsubishi car using the various types of body kits that are manufactured by the market leaders in the automotive spare parts and accessories industry.

The range of Mitsubishi Eclipse body kits that they deal with is simply bewitching for many reasons. The major types of body kits you can pick and choose from are:
06-2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2dr Demon FRP Body Kit ViS
06-2010 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2dr Spirit Body Kit in DuraFlex
06-09 07 08 Mitsubishi Eclipse Blackout-I BMagic Body Kit
00-05 Mitsubishi Eclipse EVO Style VFiber Body Kit
00-02 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2dr Shine Flared Body Kit in DuraFlex

Justifications to select their Mitsubishi Eclipse body kits
i.These kits are offered as unprepared ones and come as unpainted items.
ii.Razzi products are made of proprietary ABS composite plastic material for more rigidity.
iii.You can get mesh grille along with these kits at a low price and install them.
iv.The required screws are given with the body kits for seamless installation.
v.Some body kits are made of polyurethane, which makes them unbreakable.

They always strive hard to fulfill your needs related to top-notch Mitsubishi Eclipse body kits that are designed well and fully customized to suit your needs to decorate your car in an exotic manner. You can choose these kits and benefit much at all times.

You can confidently choose these products since the dealers offering them deal only with the leading manufacturers like Sarona, AIT body kits, Extreme Dimensions and Razzi.

They always help you save money, time and energy in your quest to decorate your Mitsubishi car so that you get full value for your investments. In a matter of a few minutes, your car gets a brand-new look and feel by virtue of these highly visible and top-quality Mitsubishi Eclipse body kits.

Prestolite Meet For Upgradation- Battery Industry

The Indian automobile industries as well as the industry related businesses are experiencing unprecedented growth. Associated sectors of the automotive industry are also developing and growing in a manner where they are forming independent competitive markets and recognized industries by themselves. The battery industry is one of the leading sectors in this respect. While, in the past, the battery industry was essentially an ancillary of the automotive industry, today, the battery industry has become a full-fledged industry sector on its own.
Exide technologies continue to be the world-leader in the battery industries. It is one of the biggest producers, distributors, and recyclers in the field of lead-acid cells, and sells them in over 80 countries. The Prestolite brand of batteries is a part of Exide technology launched by Tudor India in 1997.

In Gujarat, Tudor India arranged a meeting of its dealers and distributors at La Meridien Hotel for this purpose. The meeting, held on 17th November was attended by Mr. Ken Honge, the Vice President of Exide, the company’s Sales Director, Mr. Jasbir Mata, and Marketing Manager, Mr. Rahul Sagre among others. The meet discussed the present situation of the battery industry and shared the future planning of the company with its dealers and distributors.
The meeting was opened with the speech of Mr. Harish Gandhi, the Regional Sales Manager for Gujarat, who introduced Mr. Ken Honge, and welcomed the participants. After the introductory speech, the thread was picked up by Mr. Rahul Sagre, who gave an in-depth briefing of Exide company’s present status and future vision to the distributors.

Mr. Jasbir Mata told the distributors that more aggressive marketing was needed on their part so that Prestolite could maintain its market lead and expand to new territories. He stressed upon the need of after-sales service and customer service.

The general industry perception is that while the automotive industry, as a whole, has well-recovered from the effects of the global economic depression and has returned to the fast-track, the lead-acid battery sector has fallen behind and is yet to catch up to the pace of recovery. It is principally to address this anomaly that the Vice President of Exide Technology, Mr. Ken Honge visited India on a business research tour.

Mr. Mata was of the opinion that with the strong brand leads the distributors enjoyed with Prestolite, and with the global leading position of Exide technologies to back them, the distributors were in a sound position to accelerate growth and forge ahead of competition. Mr. Ken Honge shared the history of Exide Technologies and provided information on new technologies in lead-acid batteries. He stressed on the importance of India as a growing economy and one of the fastest developing markets of the world. He stressed that without proactive steps taken by the distributors it would be difficult to experience the desired brand growth in a dynamic economy like India.

Compare Auto Care – Automotive repair and maintenance

How many of you have gone through the frustrating turmoil of having your car breakdown, and that feeling of helplessness and dread sets in because you have absolutely no knowledge of where to turn to find information about local automotive repair shops. Without a relationship with a mechanic or repair shop you can trust, each visit to have your vehicle fixed can be an uncertain experience. Will the shop treat me fairly? Will they only fix whats broken? How can I find information on shops so I can make an informed decision about where to take my car?

This is why some basic knowledge of auto repair, maintenance and especially the car repair shops you use are vital. Listed below are some of the basics of car care and maintenance that will help increase your auto repair IQ, and help you make better decisions regarding your car.
Synthetic Oil isnt always better.If your vehicle has been running fine with conventional oil for years,and your owners manual doesnt recommend it,stick with regular oil for your oil changes.Some shops want to switch you to synthetic strictly for more profit.
Change your timing belt on its recommended interval.It doesnt give you any warning before it breaks,and depending on the engine,can cause massive internal damage as pistons crash into valves after it breaks.
By replacing your serpentine belt or drive belts when your replace your timing belt, you can save all the labor charges, as the belts must be removed to complete the timing belt replacement anyway!
Cleaning windshield wipers with alcohol and a soft rag can extend the life and improve the performance of your wipers
Learn how to check all your vehicles fluid levels including engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant, and washer solvent. Dropping fluid levels is an early warning sign of potential problems.
Check your remaining brake pad life regularly. Replace the pads before they wear out and grind into the brake rotors and triple the price of your brake job.
Keep your battery posts clean.
Each vehicle has a different interval for the replacement of the cars spark plugs.Check your owners manual for your cars interval.Dishonest mechanics may recommend replacing spark plugs every 30,000 miles, when the life expectancy of those spark plugs may be 100,000 miles to increase profits.
Check your tire pressure regularly.Correctly inflated tires save fuel and increase tire longevity.Decreasing air pressure is an indication of a leak that should be repaired.
Inspect your air filters.Dirty air filters decrease fuel economy and performance, and can sometimes be blown-out with a high-pressure air hose instead of replaced.
Check your engine oil regularly. Older vehicles may begin to burn oil, and a vehicle can run dangerously low on engine oil without ever showing signs of a leak.For most of us however, the days of being able to work on our own vehicles is far behind us. Almost all vehicles built in the last 10 years are controlled by an array of electronic sensors and computers. The good news is that the vehicle is always making adjustments to maximize fuel economy, reduce pollution, and deliver maximum performance all by itself. The bad news is that it now requires constant specialized training, and expensive testing equipment to properly diagnose and repair vehicles.