Diy Battery Desulfator For At Home Reconditioning

A DIY battery desulfator is a device that rejuvenates batteries in order for them to perform like brand new. Here’s a scenario for you: Your typical car battery’s life span is about two to four years. After that, it eventually dies – sometimes while you’re running pretty late to work or sometimes on a family cross country trip or sometimes just at home when you’re about to start the car up. Regardless of when or where it conks out, it’s dead and the situation renders your car useless. So, you haul the off to the recycler’s and spend some cash for a new one so that you can use the car.

But what if you could actually recondition the battery and make it work like brand new before it died out? The good thing is – you can! Most car batteries (and batteries for other machines and devices) can be reconditioned or refurbished in order to make it work like brand new and prolong its life expectancy.

What Causes The Batteries To Deteriorate, Anyway?
Over time, the inside of the battery starts to undergo a process called sulfation, where the lead plates (the part of the battery that produces the electric charges) become coated with sulfate. The coat creates an insulation on the lead plates, which causes then to produce a lower voltage charge. Eventually, the coating becomes so thick that the battery can no longer hold any charge. When this occurs, the battery is considered ‘dead.’ However, the reconditioning process simply de-sulfates the battery in order for the sulfate build-up to break down. This clears up the lead plates, allowing the battery to produce more charge, allowing it to work normally like it usually does.

Can DIY Battery Reconditioning Be Done?
Battery reconditioning can be done at your local automotive service shop – or you can do it yourself. All you need is a desulfator or Nanopulser. This device works by emitting high voltage pulses right into the battery. The pulses force the sulfate crystals to break down and dissolve, rendering the ‘bad’ or ‘dead’ batteries useful or almost like brand new.

Where Can I Get A Battery Desulfator?
Battery desulfators can be purchased online or from local vendors – or you can have someone make it for you. Some desulfator devices come with chargers, and can range anywhere from $25 to $100. Or, you can choose to make your own DIY Battery Desulfator from scratch. Making one is simply easy and can be created using a number of items that are available from hardware and electrical stores near you.

A good guide should provide a proper work plan and should give you a diagram to follow in making your own battery desulfator. Once you have the device on hand, try practicing on spare batteries or ‘bad batteries’ that you may be able to purchase at a cheap price.

It’s a good idea to use the desulfator at home as a preventative measure. Meaning, battery reconditioning should be done when the battery is still alive, as a preventive measure – as a last minute resuscitation measure once the battery dies.

Build your garage’s reputation on the quality of your automotive lift service

There are many procedures to follow and many different tools to use when inspecting or repairing an automobile. Doing a thorough job of inspecting and repairing a vehicle requires more than just looking under the hood. Of course, anyone who works in automotive repair knows this. And they know that providing an automotive lift service is one of the most important parts of servicing a vehicle. Incorporating an auto lift repair & service is the best way to ensure a vehicle is properly inspected and thoroughly restored.

If you want to build a reputation as providing the highest quality automotive repair, then you must have an auto lift repair and service that is second-to-none. The best way to ensure your mechanics are able to examine, diagnose, and repair vehicles in a safe and timely manner is to have an automotive lift service. The days of automotive repairman sliding under a vehicle with raggedy sliding boards are over. In the 21st century people want to see a repair service that uses state-of-the-art equipment.

To be sure, you may already offer an automotive lift service; but the question you must ask yourself is, is it good enough? Technological advances are being made all the time in the equipment used in an automotive lift service. You don’t want to be left behind. In order to remain competitive you need to have the tools and equipment that will allow you to enhance the value of your auto lift repair and service. This can only be done by investing in the best equipment available.

Indeed, it is important to remember that automotive lift service equipment is an investment just like any other you’ve made or plan on making to grow your business. Your auto repair service can only grow on the strength of its reputation and an increase in the number of new customers you attract. An automotive lift service may seem like a minor thing, but it can mean all the difference between a vehicle that has been properly looked at and repaired, with a full view of all the various parts, gears, and combinations under the vehicle, and one that has only been briefly scanned and not thoroughly serviced. A repair shop in which vehicles are fixed in the first instance tends to do much better than one in which drivers have to return again and again because of the same problem.

Fortunately, finding the best in equipment for an automotive lift service is not that difficult. And the place to begin your search is on the worldwide web. The web gives you the ability to bring many of the vendors selling this kind of equipment to you. This will give you to opportunity to compare the price and value of the many firms offering this kind of equipment. Using the web will also enable you to find out the reputation of a firm. The best predictor of future performance is past performance. And the firm with a proven record of delivering high customer satisfaction is the one most likely to meet your needs and expectations.

Market Your Business With Automotive Promotional Items

Promotional automotive products include much more than key chains and bumper stickers. You can put your message or logo on everything from roadside toolkits to hitch covers. While smaller items make excellent giveaways, use larger products as customer appreciation gifts and raffle items.

Many vendors give out logo key chains at trade shows, job fairs, and in goody bags at other community events. Why not do something a little different and hand out a mini license plate, ice scraper or tire gauge? A tire gauge is a useful promotional item that will remind the recipient of your company every time it’s used. In addition, tire gauges often come attached to a key ring, combined with a pen light or a tread gauge, and as a digital gauge.

Other eye-catching giveaway items include car flags, bumper stickers, static clings and reflective decals. These types of screen imprinted items are especially useful when your company sponsors an event or a sports team. Customers are more inclined to use and display the item when the message supports the event or team. Your logo and contact information are then visible to everyone who sees the vehicle displaying the item. When choosing screen imprinted automotive promotional products, look for vendors who offer 4-color process. You want to make your item stand out with bright colors. These products can also be used as advertising on company vehicles.

The car ribbon magnet supporting various causes continues to be popular with motorists. Use these to show your support and your recipient’s support for everything from breast cancer research to a particular branch of the military. The best ribbons include a heart shape in the loop of the ribbon that provides an additional punch-out magnet to display information.

The ultimate in promotional automotive products is the roadside emergency tool kit. These make great customer appreciation gifts or raffle items. Basic kits include screw drivers, a tire gauge and jumper cables. More expensive kits can also include a flash light, a universal car starter, wrenches, electrical tape and even a first aid kit. Surprisingly, vehicle tool kits are reasonable priced from $20 to $50.

Finally, consider imprinting car organizers with your logo and message. You can put your information on CD organizers, catch-alls, glove box wallets, and mobile office and entertainment centers. Car organizers make nice gifts for both customer and employee appreciation days. Normally, imprinting is priced as one color in one location on the item.

Nissan X-Trail The Best Value SUV

Nissan X-Trail The Best Value SUV

The X Trail was added to Nissans off road range in 2001 and is something of an unsung hero. It is a compact 4×4 with practical boxy lines. Dynamically, the X-trail drives great on-road making it better choice than rivaling BMW X3 or Volvo X360. The X-Trail is the best option for those looking for a dependable yet enjoyable 4X4 car. It also returns a great value for money in terms with generous standard kit and strong resale values. The overall look of the Nissan X-Trail remains the same since 2001 apart from the light tweaks it received in 2007, but the X-Trail doesnt really need any change in design as it is a winning formula that still feels fresh and has helped the Japanese manufacturer flourish through the off road vehicle market. The X-Trail has a rugged look thanks to its chunky bumpers and dark scuff plates. Inside it has a luxurious but practical cabin that feels upmarket with high quality materials.

Having said that, the dashboard looks a bit odd with centrally fitted screen which looks like a substandard after market accessory. The X-Trail is powered by a 148bhp 2.0litre and 171bhp 2.0litre diesels mated with a six speed manual gearbox. The gearbox is smooth but it drives a bit firm and on motorways there is a lot of road noise. Having said that, it performs great on the bends thanks to the firm set-up giving it an edge over the agricultural Land Rover Freelander. The X-Trails appetite for revs makes it an entertaining car to drive. However, like other Nissans, the X-Trail is also not the best at stopping and takes 62.6 metre to stop when brakes are applied at 70mph, the rivaling Kia Sorento (larger in size) does the same in 52.6 metres.

The X-Trail managed to score only four out of five stars in Euro NCAP crash test rating, which is same as the Toyota RAV4 but one star less than the Land Rover Freelander. However, the standard safety equipment includes six airbags, AntilocCK Braking System and electronic stability control. The four wheel or two wheel drive can be selected with a touch of a button that adds to the drivers confidence. Nissan cars have a strong reputation for reliability and the X-Trail has performed really well in owner satisfaction surveys. It finished ninth in Auto Express Driver Power Survey.

The X-Trail boast 603 litres of boot space which can be increased to 1,773litres on folding the seats, that is 100 litres more than the rivaling Freelander which is larger in sizes. There is plenty of legroom for the passengers at the back and cabin boasts a huge glovebox and lots of cubbyholes. The driver enjoys a comfortable position thanks to highly adjustable seat and steering wheel. All of these make long journeys easy for both the driver and the passengers. The X-Trail returns fuel economy of 44.1mpg which is on a par with its rivals. However, it enjoys high residual values as compared to its rivals plus the kit levels are impressive. The Sport version gets a sunroof, Bluetooth connectivity and CD changer. All of these combine to make the X-Trail an appealing package for buyers.

Tata Indica Vista – A Perfect Match Vehicle For Indian Roads

Tata Indica is a hatchback vehicle range which has been designed and manufactured by Tata Motors in India. It has been the primary passenger automobile from Tata Motors and has also been often called the primary indigenously designed automobile of India. Tata Indica has month-to-month gross sales of about 8000 Units. Tata Indica has variants which totally different in their capabilities and the features. Derived from the same range of automobiles, the variants offer distinction in terms of automobile experience. Tata Indica Version 2 DLE-BS III among these variants is considered to be essentially the most worthwhile hatchback automobile in the phase of cars which it gets placed in to. This automotive has been essentially the most favorable automobile amongst the potential Indian Buyers.

Coming on to the newest Variants of Tata Indica, they’ve been geared up with quite a lot of highly effective capabilities and plenty of differences and improvements in the specifications. These cars have engines that provide larger sums of torques and supply easy driving expertise with better responses. With the Tata Indica V2 Xeta 1.2 GLS BS III, the variants are once more derived and the number of variants increases. These variants embody the Indica V2 DLE BS III, the Indica V2 DLS BS II, Indica V2 Turbo Max DLE BS IV and the Indica V2 Turbo Max DLS BS IV. The Indica V2 DLE BSII is generally considered to be the base product amongst the Tata Indica product line. These base products are geared up with among the normal capabilities. Nevertheless, this base product lacks a few of the new options which include electrical energy steering, physique colored bumpers and other stuff which has been lately launched out there by way of interior, engine and designs of the car. This car prices about Rs.3, 48,419.

The other variant of Tata Indica, i.e. Tata Indica V2 Xeta 1.2 GL BS III and the V2 DLE BS III help the options of every other. The only difference between the 2 is that the Xeta 1.2 GL complies with the norms of BSIII emission. This variant of Tata Indica comes with the value tag of Rs.3, 61,895. Another of the variants of Tata Indica is the VS DLS BSII which is the upgraded edition of the Indica that provides further capabilities such because the vitality steering, the system colored bumpers, door rub rails, 4-Spoke Steering Wheels and much more. Coming to the value of this car, the Tata Indica VS DLS BSII comes around Rs.3, 65,952. Tata Indica V2 DLS BSIII is the highest rated variant of the Tata Indica which provides the users with all the attributes which might be related to Indica V2 DLS BSII. The value of Tata Indica V2 DLS BSIi is Rs.3, 83,585.

One other of the variants of Tata India is the V2 Turbo Max DLE BS IV which has been lately introduced and it offers better and improved functionality than all the beforehand launched variants of Tata Indica. There are some interesting additions to the design such as wheel arch flairs, nonetheless valance covers, ground console and far more. The automotive comes with a price tag of Rs.3, 79,975. These are the variants of Tata Indica that people typically get confused with. This article might help these folks to some extent.